Regional teams attend practice once a week from tryouts through the beginning of May and five one-day tournaments from January through May.  The tournaments are usually on Saturdays or Sundays and are anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 and a half hours away.


Players attending the Penn State tournament during Memorial Day weekend leave on Friday and return on Monday.  Players need to provide their own transportation to Penn State.


Practice squads practice once a week from tryouts through the beginning of May.  They focus on individual skills and conditioning.


Tournaments are one day events which usually begin at 9:00 AM.  Players must arrive no later than 8:15 AM to the facility.  All players must check-in with their coach upon arrival to the tournament.  Tournaments are an all day event.  All gyms are different (some have great seating, some do not, some have food available to buy, some do not).  Our suggestion is to be prepared.  Bring healthy snacks and lunch for yourself and plenty of drinks.  We highly suggest fruit for snacks and a sandwich or some healthy lunch.  As far as drinks, water is the best for you.  Soda should not be your choice of drink for a tournament.


Players must make sure that their area is clean either where the team is keeping their equipment or at the bench following a match.


If a parent is not bringing a player home, we need to know who is driving them home.  Players are not allowed to leave the facility with a significant other (i.e. boyfriend) unless prior approval is given in writing by a parent.  Also, players must leave in a car if being picked up by someone other than a parent (i.e. no motorcycles unless driven by a parent).  You may chuckle but this was an issue a few years ago.


Tournament days are not the time to discuss issues with the coaching staff.  A tournament is a hectic and stressful day for all involved coaches, players, and parents.  If you have an issue with anything dealing with club, please e-mail or call me and I will be happy to address the situation.

Playing Time at Tournaments

We have a policy that players on travel teams that attend tournaments should receive playing time.  However, all playing time is not equal.  If a player is a front row or back row only player they will receive less playing time than someone who may stay in and play around the court.  They are both important members of the team using the skills they possess to do the job necessary.  I can tell you that short of malicious intent to bench a player by a coach, I feel that coaches have the right to determine playing time.  There are two situations when a player may not receive playing time during a tournament that they are attending.  If the player is in poor standing with the club (not attending practices or previous tournaments without notice, poor attitude, disruptive behavior, etc.) or if the player is a danger to herself and/or others at the present moment.  Some players take time to develop.  If the coach feels that a player just isn’t ready to be on the court because she has a good chance of injuring herself or another player, we would let the parent and player know that prior to the tournament.