Players Video Classes – Travel Teams Only

** NOTE: This is for travel team members only!

Before you continue...

Before you can start completing these courses, you must have already had:


  1. A parent/guardian created a SportsEngine account.
  2. The children were added as Household members in SportsEngine.
  3. Parent paid for a GEVA membership for each child.
  4. Player accept the NJVBC assignment for the season.

Step 1: Login to parent's SportsEngine account

Log in, then click on the initials in the top right corner. Then, click on “My SportsEngine.”

Step 2: Navigate to the Household page on the left side

Once you are there, click on the name of the child that will be taking the classes.

Step 3: Click on "View Details" under Garden Empire Volleyball

You can also click on “View Details” under USA Volleyball

Step 4: Click on "USAV Academy" in the top right

Step 5: Navigate to the Content Library page on the left side

Step 6: Your videos should come up

You will see five courses. 

DO NOT TAKE: GE22_101 Junior First Referee

The four courses you must take:

GE22_013 Junior Line Judge Tracker

GE22_015 USAV Junior Asst. Scorer / Libero Tracker

GE22_102 New and Renewing Junior Second Referee

GE22_103 New And Renewing Junior Scorer


  • Note: Two of the courses cannot be completed. That’s because you will be graded by a referee at the tournaments. The course will say “This will be manually updated” when you are done with it.

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