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Some players have been asking what they need for tournaments. Also, some have been asking what they can do for workouts at home. I’ve compiled a list below. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Required tournament gear:

  1. Black spandex and/or leggings, with a little or no logo on them. Here are some options:



2. Kneepads:

3. Reusable Water Bottles

Optional Tournament Gear for Players:

  1. Headbands:

2. Portable Charger

3. Portable Chair

4. A pair of Active Ankles (note: you need to buy two as they only come in singles)

5. Volleyball sneakers

6. Hair Ties

7. Backpack Cooler (Most venues ban coolers. However, if they don’t know it’s a cooler…)

Optional Tournament Gear for Parents:


Portable Charger with house plug (perfect for laptops and can also jump your car!)

Optional Workout Gear for Players at home

  1. A Molten volleyball
  2. A jump rope
  3. A four pound medicine ball
  4. Resistance Loops
  5. Resistance Bands

Volleyball Workouts

Courtesy of Cafe Physio!

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Looking for something different?

  1. A complete volleyball workout video
  2. A complete Jump workout playlist