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You will receive 50% of whatever you raise on SnapRaise as a credit towards your dues.
For example, if you raise $350 on SnapRaise, you will receive a credit for $175.
After SnapRaise takes their cut, we use the rest of the money to either buy/upgrade equipment (volleyballs, ball carts, etc.) or, help those in the program that need extra financial assistance.
The fundraiser is optional. However, I hope you all will consider it. I believe we are a community, and I hope that you can assist in helping those out that need it!
The join code is:
Read the flyer carefully! To join the fundraiser:
  1. Scan the QR code in the flyer or click here:
  2. Create a SnapRaise account or login if you have one.
  4. Input 20 emails (or more!) of family and friends.
  • What happens with the credit?
    • Options include:
    • If you have a balance due to NJVBC, I can apply the credit to the balance.
    • If you are paid in full, I can write you a check for everything you paid to NJVBC this season. I mail the checks at the end of May.
    • I can give you credit towards an NJVBC camp, clinic,  or program.
  • What if I fundraise more than that?
    • I can only supply a check for what you paid to NJVBC. Anything over that has to be credited toward a future NJVBC program.
  • I just did SnapRaise for my high school program, and I don’t want to ask my family and friends again. Do I have to participate?
    • You do not, but I hope you reconsider! Our fundraisers are a big part of how we keep costs low for everyone.
  • What other fundraisers will there be?
    • We are working on it! At the very least, we will do our annual Tricky Tray or Bag Bingo. 
As always, reach out to me with any questions. Looking forward to a great season! – Coach Paul

Snap Raise 2023 QR Code:

Snap Raise 2023 QR Code