SportsEngine Sign Up – Travel Teams Only

** NOTE: This is for travel team members only!

Step 1: Parents, create a Household SportsEngine account.

You can create a Household SportsEngine account by clicking this link. Then, type the email that you want your SportsEngine account to use as your login:

Make sure you check your email to ensure your account has been activated.

Step 2: Parents, go to the GEVA web site and buy each of your players a membership.

There is a video in the top right of the GEVA page called “MEMBERSHIP 101: From the beginning”. Please watch that video in it’s entirety before you begin.

GEVA web site:

You will need to purchase a GEVA membership for all of the players in your household using the big red “Membership” button at the top right of the page. This can only be done after you have created your SportsEngine household account!


Make sure you choose the correct membership:

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